Monday, August 24, 2009

Very Random Thoughts

No doubt, if I take the trouble to write anything at all for this blog, I ought to be reflecting on major issues of the day, such as the controversial release of al Megrahi, and the difficult (if not at times impossible) tension between compassion (mercy) and justice. However, I will leave such matters to those more qualified and better informed than I.
In passing, though, I would simply observe that as a general rule most of us prefer mercy for ourselves when we mess up but justice for those who do us wrong. All the same (for what it is worth) I reckon the release of al Megrahi, and the manner and timing of it, was probably a mistake. return to the far more mundane matters that usually fill this space I ask you to take a closer look at the subject of the portrait above. [click on the picture to see it full size]
The photograph was taken at the Black Isle Show a couple of weeks ago.
There were some pretty impressive animals on show, Clydesdale Horses and the like. But this particular sheep caught my eye (almost literally.) Most of the other sheep, of all breeds, were either shy or contemptuously indifferent to the camera lens but this particular one was virtually posing. I don't know what you think of sheep as a rule but what do you imagine this sheep was thinking about the photographer?
Let's have a caption competition for a little 'thought bubble' we can add to this picture. Send me your suggestions.


Lynn Burtwistle said...

"Did you get my good side?"

Moira said...

"I'm feeling a little sheepish today because I know I might be for the lamb chop, but never mind my farmer will end up 'minted.' Oh what am I saying, my brain must be all woolly at the thought, he's a farmer he will make a loss that's how it goes!!!"


Oooo, Moira, that is quite a pun of mutton there! That must be one seriously thoughtful sheep.

Linda B said...

'See you've spotted the winner then !'

Moira said...

Linda didn't you mean "See ewe have spotted the winner?"

A wildlife gardener said...

I know you think we all look alike...but I'm the the one that was saved, the one that He rejoiced over... :)