Thursday, August 20, 2009

Autumn in the air?

Apparently the 'experts' are telling us now that Autumn has come early this year - just as Spring did. For most of us in Scotland the biggest problem is that there doesn't seem to have been very much summer in between!
The photograph above was actually taken on 22nd July in the south of England and already it looks pretty autumnal to me, although, to be honest I have no idea when maple leaves normally begin to change colour.
I know there is a big difference between climate change and changeable weather but it does look as if some of the predictions are coming true (although not the one from the BBC weather folk who told us we would be having a 'barbecue summer' this year!) As I look out of the window this morning to see heavy rain falling and the trees being buffeted by strong winds it almost looks like January!
I received an email the other day from a friend in South Korea and he tells me that they have "been suffering the wettest summer ever."
Ah well... to cheer us up (and especially for one of my regular readers, Emma Louise) here's another photograph of that cheeky young robin, its youthful feathers decidely ruffled but its alert stare suggesting nothing but confidence.
Today- whatever winds may ruffle your feathers or buffet you about -may you look out on the world with hope and confidence.


Lindsay said...

You take such amazing photographs.

E. Louise said...

Is that the same robin? I love that you get to know individual birds. That robin totally looks like a teenager.