Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Open wide

[house martins nesting in the eaves of my sister's house]

So far we have only had one response to the caption 'competition.' Thank you, Lynn.
Of course, it may be that we only have one reader!
Or maybe the rest of you are waiting to see what the prize might be?
C'mon... let's have some suggestions as to what, if anything, is in the mind of our photogenic sheep!
Or if that doesn't appeal... what about a caption for today's photograph?
You'll have to look carefully but there are three House Martins in the picture. What might each of them be saying? What does the picture make you think of?
Answers, please... but not on a postcard- a comment will do.
The competition is wide open.


Suzanne Turner said...

Ya Beauty - Mum's been to Iceland!


Nice one, Suzanne! You got the idea. :-)

Linda B said...

Flying doctor - say aaaah!!


Ha! Ha! :-)

Lynn B said...

Eeuw!! Try a breath mint!!

A wildlife gardener said...

He's the loudmouth...I'm the quiet one in the background...one day it'll be my turn :)

Moira said...

I am hanging on in there with a wing and a prayer.